Jane Stubley – Lead Heart Failure Nurse

What does Jane do?

Jane is the lead of the Heart Failure Nurse team at the Trust, where she and her team provide all support to patients who have heart failure problems. She was the one that established the Heart failure service at Sandwell Hospital in 2001 and built up the team to where it is today.

What is Jane passionate about?

She knows that education is the key to helping nurses realise their full potential and that will directly benefit our patients. So she created the Heart Failure charity fund within Your Trust charity. This fund aims to support our nurses to go on courses, so they can learn more about heart failure and improve their understanding of patients’ needs.

How does Jane raise fund for Your Trust Charity?

Jane has been asked to teach at different universities, provide training programmes, and be part of national projects to improve palliative care. She donates all the money she earns through this to the charity fund. She said: “I just thought it’s a good way to give a little extra back to the NHS and improve our patient experience.

“I am glad to have Your Trust Charity support me all the way from fundraising to giving the money to the right cause. The fund enables patients to receive better care and make them feel reassured that they are in the right place and cared by high quality nurses.”

Key facts about Jane:

  • She was the face of a national campaign to raise awareness of heart failure, which led her to be featured on the back of buses across London
  • She enjoys doing water sport in Wales with her family
  • Jane is also a keen pianist

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