Atif Ali BEM

Associate Non-Executive Director



As a seasoned Project and Programme Manager, Atif has a proven track record of establishing deliverables across designated projects and navigating critical project challenges. His expertise extends to in-house resource development and strategic project management, underpinned by a Master’s in Law (LLM) from the University of Birmingham and a Bachelor’s in Law (LLB) from the University of Wolverhampton. These qualifications equip him with the legal acumen and analytical skills necessary to effectively oversee complex and diverse projects.

During his tenure at Birmingham City Council, Atif spearheaded the successful delivery of the Birmingham and Lewisham African Caribbean Health Inequalities Review (BLACHIR). This pivotal initiative positively impacted local communities by addressing social determinants of health. He also served as the Vice-Chair of the Employee’s Network of Corporate Black Workers Support Group, where he demonstrated exceptional leadership by significantly increasing membership, enhancing engagement, and optimising the group’s budget. In recognition of his outstanding service to the community, Atif was honoured with the British Empire Medal (BEM) and the British Citizens Award. Passionate about effecting positive change in the public sector, Atif is dedicated to empowering others through his adept leadership, strong negotiation skills, and effective communication strategies. His commitment to driving meaningful impact and fostering inclusivity underscores his role as a catalyst for progress within the healthcare landscape.