Amrick Singh Ubhi

Associate Non-Executive Director



Amrick’s professional background is diverse and varied; an innovative, forward thinking Organisational Development Consultant/Transformation Manager who more recently has strategically led and provided direction on the development, implementation and monitoring of civic and interfaith engagement and partnership building with many organisations. He brings experience of developing effective relationships with local/regional government; faith organisations; academic institutions; community and business organisations; law and order agencies; and the health sector with the aim of working in partnership to empower, uplift and engage all in the transformation process.

His previous and current Non-Executive Directorships, Advisory Boards, and representation roles, and also his substantive role as Director of Nishkam Civic Engagement and Partnerships, have at their core the key determinants of health inequality as drivers, namely, deprivation and economic factors; ethnicity and other protective characteristics; children and young people, long-term conditions, social injustice and, mental health.

He is driven by tackling inequalities and furthering inclusion, understanding the user needs aligned with organisational objectives and the specific nuances of each sector in delivering practical services and changes. He brings a vast experience of working with educational, voluntary, public agencies, charities, criminal services, faith, and community organisation to the Trust.