The Learning Works

The Learning Works is a one-stop-shop for access to training, development and employment opportunities. These are available to the public and to members of staff.

With over 7,000 staff, the Trust is a major employer in the Sandwell and West Birmingham areas. It’s vital to the fabric of the community – not only in terms of healthcare, but also as a key source of employment.

With over 400 different job roles available within the Trust, it’s far from being simply a place where doctors and nurses go to work. We rely on thousands of other people – be they scientific staff, manual workers, porters, drivers, caterers, construction workers, clerical or professional staff – to keep our essential services running, and to benefit the community as a whole.

The Trust is fully aware of its social responsibilities beyond clinical care. Tackling unemployment, social deprivation, and promoting regeneration are just as important within the community.

By using the expertise of The Learning Works to provide training, development and potential employment opportunities, we can help people of all ages achieve their financial needs or achieve their career ambitions. The Trust is also effectively investing in future generations of its own workforce, from the very community that it serves.

The Trust has therefore developed the Learning Works to offer training and development opportunities to all. We are working closely with some high-profile partners – like Sandwell Council and Job Centre Plus – to deliver this service.