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Immunology and allergy

The Immunology Department investigates and treats adults and children with disorders of the immune system – the body’s natural defenses against disease or infection.

One of the most common problems involves allergies. We help patients find out what they are allergic to, and help them manage the condition – either in hospital or at home. Tests may often consist of a simple skin or blood test.

The Immunology Department has expert staff and facilities, and is located at City Hospital.

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Dr Sadia Noorani: consultant immunologist and head of department
Dr Jonathan North: consultant immunologist
Dr Surendra Karanam: consultant immunologist
Dr Nick Makwana: consultant paediatrician
Helen Sandy: laboratory manager

Gill Bennett: paediatric allergy dietician
Mary Ng: paediatric senior nurse support



Our three consultants hold outpatient clinics for patients with allergies. Starting with a simple skin or blood test, we can treat many allergies including pollens, dust mites and animals using drops or tablets. Other treatments, for example, injections can be effective against allergic reactions to wasp/bee stings.

We have a sophisticated immunology laboratory which, in addition to performing an extensive range of allergy tests, carries out most of the testing for autoimmune diseases – when the body is attacked by its own cells. The laboratory is also an official referral facility in measuring the effectiveness of certain vaccines.

The laboratory also carries out investigations into patient immunodeficiency – when the body’s natural ability to fight infection or disease is lowered. We run regular clinics for adults and children at City Hospital, where there is a well-established antibody replacement service. Specialist facilities for children include a paediatrician (children’s doctor) and an immunologist working together for the best results.


All immunology clinics take place at Birmingham Treatment Centre, City Hospital, unless indicated below.

Adult allergy: Monday pm, Tuesday am,Thursday am and Friday am
Paediatric allergy: Tuesday am with paediatric and immunology consultants and nurses
Day cases: Tuesday pm, Wednesday am and Friday am. Location: M8 (Maternity block at City Hospital)
Paediatric immunodeficiency clinic: third Monday of every month
Adult immunodeficiency clinic: first and third Thursday morning of every month
Anaesthetic allergy clinic: Thursday am (monthly) with consultant anaesthetists and immunologists

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Immunology Department: 0121 507 4250 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm).

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