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The Cardiology Department at SWB has well established interventional, devices, heart failure, and imaging programmes. There is an internationally renowned academic unit within the department and we support dynamic teaching programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate students. We were one of the first units in the UK to offer 24/7 primary PCI for STEMI.    Comprehensive non-invasive cardiac services, together with award winning heart failure and rehabilitation specialist nurse programmes are also available.

All consultants and invasive procedures are predominantly based at City Hospital. Cardiac CT, Echocardiography and clinics are delivered at Sandwell. Inpatient cardiology support at Sandwell takes place by means of daily ward rounds by consultants and registrars.  To refer patients to Cardiology for review contact the on-call cardiology registrar on the respective site.

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Clinical Lead For Cardiology: Dr Stavros Apostolakis

Matron: Stephanie Coates

Cardiology Consultants:

Cardiovascular Intervention

Professor Rajai Ahmad

Dr Derek Connolly (PCI, Cardiac CT)

Professor Jawad Khan (PCI)

Dr Leong Lee (PCI, Chronic Total Occlusions)

Dr Vinoda Sharma (PCI, Chronic Total Occlusions)

Dr Chetan Varma (PCI)

Heart Failure and Devices

Dr Russell Davis (Brady and Complex Pacing)


Dr Stavros Apostolakis (Echocardiography including stress and transoesophageal)




We offer a full range of specialist tests and treatments including:

• Echocardiography (using ultrasound to take pictures of the structure of the heart)
• Angiography (a test using dye to assess narrowing of the arteries)
• Angioplasty and stenting (a balloon procedure to improve blood supply to the heart)
• Device implantation (pacemakers, to regulate the beating of the heart)
• Cardioversion (electrical methods of re-establishing a regular heartbeat)

We have heart attack centres at both City and Sandwell hospitals with state-of-the art primary angioplasty and stenting facilities, which are available 24/7. We are one of the few facilities across the country to offer remote monitoring of pacemakers via the internet. This is for the convenience of our patients, and reduces the number of times they need to visit clinics

The cardiac gym at City Hospital.

We also offer a full cardiac rehabilitation service. A fully kitted gym with a regimen of professional advice will help bring the heart back up to strength.

We hold clinics at several locations. Your GP will be able to choose and book the most convenient for you. These are:

  • Birmingham Treatment Centre
  • City Hospital
  • Sandwell General Hospital
  • Rowley Regis Hospital
  • Neptune Health Centre
  • Regis Medical Centre

Patient Stories

We want to hear about your experiences of the Cardiology service. Please e-mail your views to

Free CPR courses run by patient saved by passer-by

Patient Malcolm Robinson owes his life to a stranger after collapsing in the street and now he is offering vital CPR skills for free through his group.

Malcolm Robinson was saved by a passing off-duty nurse when he fell ill in Digbeth on Easter Saturday, 2017. He was rushed to City Hospital, where he was operated on by Dr Derek Connolly. 

As a result of his experience, Malcolm now runs CPR courses.

You can read all about Malcolm’s story and find out where his courses are run by clicking here.  




Cardiology Department (Investigations)

City: 0121 507 6295
Sandwell: 0121 507 3512

Consultant cardiologists:
Dr Rajai AS Ahmad – Clinical Director
Tel: 0121 507 3885

Dr Patrick J  Cadigan
Tel: 0121 507 3478

Dr Aun-Yeong Chong
Tel: 0121 507 3478

Dr Derek L Connolly
Tel: 0121 507 3126

Dr Russell Davis
Tel: 0121 507 2499

Dr Jawad Khan
Tel: 0121 507 4239

ProfessorPaulus Kirchhof
Tel: 0121 507 4678

Professor Gregory YH Lip
Tel: 0121 507 5648

Dr Teri A Millane
0121 507 4205

Dr Kiran CR  Patel
Tel: 0121 507 3827

Dr Chetan Varma
Tel: 0121 507 5841

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