• Chief Executive’s Blog – March 2015

    "A hectic month, trying to deliver what we promised this year and get ready to deliver our (hopefully your) ambitions next year. Many of our staff tell me either that they are not sure of the plan, or that it changes a lot. I accept the communication challenge that implies, but the truth is that our plans are deeply consistent. We have some long term and medium term fixed points, and we are pretty clear what we need to do now to be ready."


  • Our vision and values

    Doctor and Nurse studying patient chart

    Our vision is to help improve the health and well-being of people in Sandwell, western Birmingham and surrounding areas, working with our partners to provide the highest quality healthcare in hospital and closer to home.
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  • What patients think of us

    Nurse showing patient some results

    We value patient feedback which helps us drive changes and shape our priorities.
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  • What our staff think of us

    Nurse using a vital piece of equipment

    We value our staff feedback to help us develop our management and our organisation.
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