Skills for Life, Numeracy Literacy and Functional Skills

To develop and support staff who wish to improve their maths, English and written communications, Literacy and Numeracy skills development is accessible to all staff as a discrete provision.

We are able to:

  • support staff whose English is a second language
  • support staff who may not have been able to achieve qualifications in these areas previously and wish to undertake career progression
  • support and develop care practitioners’ measurement and calculation skills, e.g.  drug calculations and fluid balance
  • support staff wishing to gain access to Further and Higher Education.

This development, has in the past, helped staff to become more confident in the workplace, ensured patient safety, supported staff with their career progression and managers enabling their succession planning.

Awards include Basic Skills Certificates and Functional Skills Awards. 

Training is provided by a programme of learning geared to individual’s development needs