Ward Staff

On the ward you will see many different members of staff. If you’re not sure who they are, please ask them to explain.

All our staff should be wearing name badges with the NHS logo. If you cannot see their badge, please ask them to show it to you.

  • Your Doctor
    The person in charge of your medical care is called the consultant, and their name will be written above your bed. It is likely you will also see other doctors who work in your consultant’s team. Your doctors will discuss your condition with you and offer you the best available treatment options. They will take time to talk to you about your care and discuss any test results. They will also be happy to talk to your family if you want them to.
  • The Nursing Team
    You will be introduced to a nurse who is responsible for your nursing care (or midwife for women using our maternity service). He or she will also have help from other nurses/midwives and healthcare assistants whilst caring for you. Student nurses may also assist on occasions under the supervision of registered nurses. If you have any concerns regarding your nursing care, please discuss them with your nurse or midwife.
  • Ward Manager
    The Ward Manager is responsible for the management of the whole ward. You can ask to see him/her if you have any issues or concerns.
  • Matron
    The matron is in charge of a group of wards, providing senior leadership and ensuring your environment is safe and clean. He or she helps to make sure that patients have the best possible experience whilst in hospital and generally deals with a problem if the ward staff are unable to do so.
  • Specialist Nurses
    Specialist nurses have received further training in a specific area and work in partnership with the clinical team to deliver patient care.
  • Hospital Macmillan Nurse
    The hospital Macmillan nurse service supports patients, their families and carers, who are experiencing cancer in their lives, from the time of diagnosis to any stage of the disease.
  • Social Worker
    If any practical or domestic difficulties arise from being in hospital or, if you are worried about being able to manage back at home, our hospital social worker may be able to help.

Other Healthcare Professionals and Non Clinical Staff

Your ward will have a ward clerk working closely with the nursing team, and regular visits by domestic staff, porters and ward service officers who will serve your meals.

Physiotherapists and other therapists often visit wards to see patients and talk with carers or relatives.

Other members of staff visiting the ward will include pharmacists, dieticians, social workers, and discharge co-ordinators.

Patient experience staff, volunteers, senior managers and members of the Trust Board may come onto the ward to ask you for your views to see if you are receiving safe, high quality care.

Other staff may come onto the ward occasionally to deal with specific issues or to check that everything is running smoothly.

All staff on the ward are required to wear name badges and all visitors must identify themselves to the nurse in charge.


Staff wear uniforms so that you can easily recognise what they do. Click here for a preview of the uniforms you will see most frequently on your ward.