Rehab Wards

Our Rehab – or Reablement – Wards serve from D47 ward (second floor, Sheldon Block), Leasowes Intermediate Care Centre, and the Henderson Unit at Rowley Regis Hospital.

The purpose of reablement is to help people who have experienced deterioration in their health and/or have increased support needs to re-learn the skills required to keep them safe and independent at home.

The aim is to help people regain the ability to perform their usual activities, like cooking meals, washing, and getting about, so they can do things for themselves again.

For more information about disabled access for this service, please click here.

D47 is a Reablement Unit with 20 beds in single side rooms, run in partnership between the NHS and Midland Heart, a housing and support association, and can be found on the second floor of the Sheldon Block at City Hospital.


The team is made up of Reablement workers, team leaders, registered nurses, GPs, therapy professionals (including physiotherapists and occupational therapists), ward service officers, a ward clerk, and an activity co-ordinator.

As part of our reablement ethos, we strongly encourage service users to attend the dining area for meals and at least one pre-planned activity each day. If you feel that you may have some difficulty doing this, please speak to a member of staff who will be happy to work with you in overcoming any obstacles.

We also encourage customers to bring their own clothes, both night and day, and toiletries from home.

Our activities are based around the Midland Heart PIES ethos, which promotes your:



Emotional &

Social Wellbeing

D47 can be contacted on 0121 507 4106.

The team on D47 is:

  • Kim Roberts – Midland Heart Non-Clinical Manager
  • Vacant post – NHS Clinical Unit Manager
  • Amy Docker, Nazir Bashir – Senior Sisters


Leasowes Intermediate Care Centre offers short-term, individual and holistic rehabilitation programmes to help people improve their independence with everyday tasks such as washing, dressing, walking and eating. The centre has 20 beds on two floors, each with their own bathroom.

We will work with you and your family to help you set personal and realistic goals to achieve before you leave the centre. For example, one of your goals may be to increase your ability to stand from a chair without help, by learning a new technique or using equipment to help.

To help us decide on the best way to help you achieve your goals we may need to assess your abilities for when you go home, in the kitchen and/or using the stairs. We will encourage you to come to the dining room and to take part in group activities to help with your recovery.

You will need to bring day and night clothes, and toiletries as we will encourage you to get dressed to come to the dining room for your meals and other activities.

While you are with us, we will encourage you to be as independent as possible and be involved in making decisions about your goals and progress.

We actively encourage you to be up and dressed, to participate in activities and take on as much of your care as possible such as taking your medications. Staff will always be on hand to help if you need support in being independent.  We also have a hairdresser who visits once a week and also plant potting/gardening activities every Wednesday.

Visitors can come to the centre any time other than during mealtimes. They can contact the centre on 0121 612 3444 to see how you are or talk to a member of staff.

The Leasowes team is:

  • Palwinder Grewal – Centre Manager
  • Matron – Justine Irish

The Henderson Unit is based at Rowley Regis Hospital, and follows the same care model as D47. It has 24 beds in single-sex bed bays.

The unit is nurse and therapy led, with daily GP visits. The team is made up of qualified nurses, HCAs, and housekeeping staff, and they can be contacted 0121 507 6355.

The Henderson Unit team is:

  • Lyndsey Pearson – Ward Manager
  • Amelia Bryant, John Paul Benoist – Senior Sister/Charge Nurse