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Best Start Programme

This service provides advice and support to pregnant women and new mums in Sandwell.

Our Trust has been commissioned by Sandwell Council to deliver the Best Start Programme, which helps women who are pregnant with their physical and emotional health, as well as those in their first year of motherhood.

They receive practical tips on their parenting skills, and advice on how to strengthen relationships with close family and friends, including their baby, which in turn ensures that their child will achieve their full potential. Women taking part will be offered six home visits in the antenatal period and 12 home visits from birth to one year. In certain circumstances the Best Start Programme can continue until the child’s second birthday.

Kerris Percival, Best Start Programme manager explained: “Our objectives are to improve perinatal mortality statistics in our area, reduce A&E attendances and improve school readiness. This is the first programme of its kind in the country, so we consider ourselves pioneers. We designed the service specifically to meet the needs of those in our community, so as tailored programmes go, you can’t get any better.”

Sadie Sutton, Best Start Practitioner, added: “It is a very valuable role to be helping those in need in our communities. By widening the reach of our service we are more inclusive and can help many more families than before.”

The Best Start programme helps Sandwell women of all ages which means a greater number of women will be able to participate.

For more information about disabled access for this service, please click here.


 For more information about the Best Start Programme email or call 01922 423 001.

The clinic is based at Yew Tree Healthy Living Centre, Redwood Road, Walsall, WSS 4LB.

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