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Colposcopy is an integral part of the NHS Cervical-Screening programme involving the assessment of cervical abnormalities, the treatment of identified abnormalities and the implementation of follow up care.

A colposcopy is a procedure where the lining of the cervix is examined. The procedure is carried out by a colposcopist who uses an instrument called a colposcope to check the cells that line the cervix for abnormalities.

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Ms Gabrielle Downey

Miss Claire Bailey

Mr Janos Balega

Ms Kavita Singh


Paula Bryan


Lorraine Dyde

Lynette Burke

Healthcare Assistants:

Fallon Shield

Leushaunna Innis

Emma Brooksbank

Chantel Smith

Colspocopy Secretary:

Kulwinder Chohan



Mr Joe Kabukoba

Mr Ahmed Elattar

Miss Claire Bailey


Tiffany Jones

Sara Greenaway


Jayne Saunders

Healthcare Assistants:

Jenny Oliver

Joanne Middlebrook

Samantha Woodbine

Donna Francis

Tracey Law

Administrative officer:

Jean Whitehouse



Your GP, or the laboratory will refer you to the colposcopy service if your smear results appear abnormal.

Colposcopy service appointments
Urgent referrals or suspected cancers are seen within two weeks of the initial direct referral date. High-grade smears are seen within four weeks of this date. Low grade or routine referrals are seen within six weeks. A personalised invitation appointment letter is sent to every patient who requires an appointment. Included in this letter is a contact name and number for any patient who wishes to contact the department and discuss or rearrange their appointment. Along with this letter, an NHS Colposcopy examination leaflet is also included and a map of the clinic location.

Patient Stories

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Clinic staff at  City hospital can be contacted on 0121 507 4246, Monday–Friday between 8.30am-4.30pm.

Clinic staff at Sandwell hospital can be contacted on 0121 507 3249, Monday–Friday, between 8am-4pm.

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