Visiting Times [Updated: 04/01/2022]

Visiting restrictions during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Due to the rising levels of COVID-19 infection in the community and the increased risk this poses to our patients we have had to make the difficult decision to close general visiting at all wards and departments across our Trust from midnight on Christmas Day. The exception being visiting at Rowley Regis’s McCarthy and Westwood wards, which is halted with immediate effect.

Visiting arrangements, however, will remain in place as they have done throughout the pandemic for our most vulnerable patients, those patients who are at the end of life, those with limited mental capacity, and a parent/guardian supporting their children. 

Visiting on inpatient wards in our maternity department is limited to partners or birthing partners only for one hour a day. Please contact the ward to arrange your visiting time.

Please bring evidence of a negative lateral flow test result taken on the same day – either a photograph of the test result or evidence following registering on the Government website. Do not bring the test itself.

Partners may accompany women to appointments or scans on proof of a negative lateral flow test result as above.

Birthing partners are allowed to accompany the mum-to-be whilst in labour.

All visitors will be required to wear a face mask unless exempt.

Please note, we will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse towards our staff.

Thank you for your patience

For the latest advice and guidance on Coronavirus click here.

To contact ward for more detailed information please go through main hospital telephone numbers:

  • Birmingham City Hospital – 0121 554 3801
  • Sandwell General Hospital – 0121 553 1831
  • Rowley Regis Community Hospital – 0121 507 6300

General Visiting Practices: Currently Suspended Due To COVID-19

**Please note: The below is currently suspended due to COVID-19**

General Visiting Times

General Wards: 11am – 9pm
Surgical Wards: 11am – 12noon and 3pm – 9pm
Children’s Wards: 10am – 7pm (One parent can stay overnight and the other parent, carer or siblings can visit can visit any time but will need to leave by 11pm)
Maternity Unit: 1pm – 8pm (Husbands and partners may visit between 9am and 9pm)
Cardiology Wards: 2pm – 9pm
Rowley Regis Hospital: 11am – 9pm (excluding meal times see below)

Please contact the ward for more detailed information through our main hospital telephone numbers:

  • Birmingham City Hospital – 0121 554 3801
  • Sandwell General Hospital – 0121 553 1831
  • Rowley Regis Community Hospital – 0121 507 6300

Visitors are very welcome. We normally only allow a maximum of two visitors at a time. In most cases we do allow children to visit hospital wards but please discuss this with the nurse or midwife in charge of the ward before they come in.

We ask that visitors keep noise and disturbance to a minimum for other patients.

Visiting and protected meal times

In particular our wards have protected meal times when no visitors are allowed. These times are between 12 noon and 1pm and 5pm and 6pm.

This is so our nurses can concentrate on ensuring our patients receive the food and drink they need and helping those patients who need help to eat.

If it is necessary for visitors to come to one of our hospitals outside normal visiting hours, please speak to our ward staff to make arrangements.

When visiting our wards:

  • Activate the buzzer provided and wait to be admitted
  • Ensure no one enters the ward behind you
  • Wash your hands and use the hand gels provided on entering and leaving the ward
  • Please return any chairs you move to their original positions before you leave

Do not:

  • Sit on the bed
  • Visit if you have flu like symptoms or have been in contact with someone suffering from sickness or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours

Rest and recuperation are important for recovery, so we ask all visitors to respect our visiting hours.

Visiting restrictions due to infection

Sometimes it is necessary to stop all visiting to a ward. This usually only happens when we need to prevent the spread of infection.

There are many viruses which are common in the community and can easily be brought into hospital.

To prevent this visitors who have been in close contact with someone with sickness or diarrhoea are asked not to come into the hospitals.

We will keep our website up to date with information about wards that are closed to visiting and will keep our patients informed so that you do not travel to hospital to find you cannot visit your relative or friend.

Facilities for Visitors

Public toilets are available for the use of visitors. These are generally located on the ground and first floors of our hospitals. Visitors should not use patient toilets on the wards.

Visitors are welcome to use our restaurants, coffee areas and shops. Please see the restaurants and shops section of our website for more information.

Drinks and snacks can be purchased from vending machines at all our hospital sites.

A trolley service selling drinks, snacks and magazines regularly visits hospital wards.

There are cash point machines in the main entrance at Sandwell General Hospital and in the main corridor at City Hospital.