Security Service

The Trust has a security team that takes care of all the hospital sites and grounds, dealing with a range of issues from assisting nursing staff with patients, to investigating suspicious activity in the grounds.

Our top security advisor has become the first person in the NHS to become a Certified Protection Professional.

Trust Security Adviser and Local Security Management Specialist Peter Finch was awarded the prestigious internationally recognised award after a year long programme of intensive study, research and a gruelling five hour long examination.

He explained: “It was a considerable challenge to commit to as the programme demanded intensive study over 12 months. I literally had to study every single day, including whilst on holiday. But it was worth it to ensure I stay on top of current security and protection developments worldwide, and it will be of great benefit to the trust as I am able to contribute extensively at the planning stage to design out crime for our new hospital to be built in Smethwick.”

An ex-RAF security specialist, for 19 years Peter was responsible for the security of HM The Queen, and other members of The Royal Family whenever they travelled by air. Additionally Peter specialised in nuclear security, counter intelligence and counter terrorism, making him one of an elite group of security advisers in the UK.

Peter was also the first person in the NHS to achieve the Advanced Certificate in Environmental Design and Crime Prevention awarded by City and Guilds and Oxford Brookes University. He commented: “I am totally committed to a continual programme of study both for myself and my team of security officers and for the professionalisation of security within the NHS. It is vital that we are able to keep up with new developments in technology, law and human rights to ensure our security service protects our staff, patients, visitors and property.

“We are facing a few big challenges over the next few years, with the primary one being how we further reduce violence against staff and ensure our processes work to ensure our staff and patients are safe. Whilst we’re working closely with our police colleagues, on the initiative ‘Get Caught, Go to Court’ we have also identified the triggers of violence and are working to eradicate these where possible.”