We have a number of processes in place to protect the safety of our patients and staff, including CCTV and a trained security team at City and Sandwell Hospitals 24 hours a day.

  • Members of the security team from Sandwell and City Hospitals.

    Security Service

    The Trust security department will ensure that all possible measures are taken to deliver a properly secure environment for patients, visitors and staff. This includes…

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  • Identity Bracelets

    In the interest of patient safety, patients are will be asked to wear an identity bracelet during their stay in hospital. This wrist band states…

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  • Zero Tolerance

    Violence or aggression towards staff or other patients will not be tolerated in our hospitals. The Trust will seek to remove and prosecute individuals who…

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  • Health and Safety

    For every patient we try to identify things that may affect their safety, or the safety of our staff. A care plan or other paperwork…

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  • Data Protection

    Patient details are stored on a secure system and can only be accessed by staff who genuinely need the information. The security of our patient…

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  • Countering Fraud

      Fraud happens when someone does something dishonestly in order to make a gain for themselves or another or cause a loss to another. According…

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