Interpreting Services

Interpreting at the Trust is currently provided in two ways, face-to-face and telephone based. 

Face-to-face interpreting 

An in-house interpreting service is provided utilising staff recruited through the SWB administration bank.  The ten most commonly interpreted languages are reviewed to monitor trends in changing populations.  Interpreting is provided by approximately 40-45 interpreters for these languages in addition to less commonly spoken languages and dialects for booked appointments, including out-of-hours provision.  Agency provided staff interpret where in-house interpreters cannot cater for the language or dialect required, including British Sign Language.  

Interpreters are experienced and familiar with the nuances of interpreting in medical situations.   They are able to understand and interpret cultural-specific behaviours; their specialist capability is scrutinised through local interview process.   Interpreters support patients in their freedom to make informed decisions about their care and treatment

Telephone based interpreting 

Where interpreters have not been booked in advance or in emergency situations, an accredited provider of telephone-based interpreting (Language Line) can be utilised to interpret when required.  Such services increased in popularity during the pandemic and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.