Medical Assessment Unit (MAU)

The Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) is an essential part of the larger Medical Unit. Patients are usually sent to us from the Emergency Department and from their GPs.

We have 28 beds as well as a GP/clinic area. Patients are assessed by the ward’s medical team who will produce an individual treatment plan. The assessment can include various tests on the patient’s general health, such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration. Patients may also be weighed and asked to provide a urine sample. This can take a few hours with a maximum stay of 1-2 days.

Depending on the treatment required, patients will either be discharged and free to go home, or transferred to a specialised ward.

A team of highly capable nurses are equipped to provide holistic nursing-care for both ambulatory and acutely unwell patients. The team also ensures the safe discharge or appropriate admission of patients to other specialist wards.

We welcome visitors and appreciate that their role can play a vital role in recovery, but we do request that there are only 2 visitors to a bed at any one time. Our visiting hours are 2pm-8pm.



Ward Matron: Emma Ferguson

Charge Nurse: Carmel Madden

The Unit has over 60 nursing staff. The ward manager is Emma Ferguson, who has a team of nurses at various levels from health care assistants to sisters/charge nurses.

There may be nursing/medical students present who may be involved with patients care. There is also a team of doctors who work on the ward 24 hours a day, so they are on hand for any emergencies or general questions.

Please feel free to share your experience of being on the MAU. Send your experiences to

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Patients will need to bring with them a list of any current medication they are on and, if possible, the actual tablets. Patients are welcome to wear their own clothes in order to feel as comfortable as possible. Some of the tests and procedures may require patients to wear a hospital gown, which will be provided if needed. We do not offer a laundering service for a patient’s own clothes.

Valuables should be left at home, as things can easily get lost or left behind somewhere after a transfer.

The Medical Assessment Unit can be found on the ground floor of the main building at City Hospital.  It is the first ward on the left along the corridor as you walk from the main entrance, past the Arches Cafe.  The ward entrance is just beyond the cashpoint machine and cash office, which are also on the left of the main corridor.

If you park in the main visitor’s car park (not the car park in front of the hospital), you will enter the main hospital corridor in the middle.  You will need to turn left.  The Medical Assessment Unit will be the last ward on your right before the cashpoint machine and Arches Coffee.