The poisons unit treats patients who have suffered a severe negative effect from taking prescribed or over the counter drugs. The unit deals with all medical complaints for patients over 16 including accidental or intentional drug overdoses. Drug and alcohol addicts are also treated here.


D7 is a female ward containing 15 beds. Male patients are treated onΒ D14

The poisons team is responsible for both the male and female wards. The ward matron is Kas Aheer, and the Charge Nurse is Joy Walker. There is aΒ team of nurses at various levels from health care assistants to sisters/charge nurses. Also in the team there is a professional development nurse.

The female poisons ward is D7 which is located on the ground floor at the end of the main corridor of the hospital near coronary care.

Please feel free to add your experience of your stay on D7. Send your comments to swbh.comms@nhs.net

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Patients will need to bring with them a list of any current medication they are on and, if possible, the actual tablets. If patients know they will be staying on the ward overnight, we ask that they bring nightwear, dressing gown, slippers, comfortable day wear and shoes. Patients will also need to bring toiletries including a towel, soap/shower gel, shampoo, tooth-brush, tooth-paste and clean underwear. Family or other visitors may bring these in if you have come straight from A&E.


Patients should not bring any valuable objects or large amounts of money.