D30 is a winter pressure ward which will remain open until March 2013.

The ward is currently operating as an acute, short-stay female ward which can accommodate up to 19 patients.

D30 has a team of qualified nurses, assistant practitioner and HCAs led by the ward manager and ward sister. There are also a range of specialist nurses and therapists who will provide expertise during your stay.

Ward Matron: Ward Matrons operate on a rotational basis whilst D30 is open during the winter months
Senior Charge Nurse: Paul Bennett

Please feel free to share your experience of being on this ward. Please e-mail your views to swbh.comms@nhs.net

Patients staying on D30 will need to bring:

• Any hygiene products (such as pads)
• Any medicines or tablets you take
• Nightwear
• Dressing gown and slippers
• Daywear – tracksuit or comfortable clothes
• Undergarments
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Soap and deodorant
• Bath towel and a flannel or sponge
• Shaving equipment if appropriate
• Sanitary products if appropriate
• Tissues or disposable wipes for hand and personal hygiene
• A book or magazines
• Spectacles if you need them
• Small amount of change for newspapers or bedside TV and telephone
• Bottle of squash
• Walking aid – frame, stick, crutches – if you need them

Do not bring:

• Large amounts of money
• Valuables such as jewellery
• Television or radios
• Alcohol

Ward D30 is located on the second floor at the end of the main corridor at City Hospital, Birmingham.