D26 is the female ward for the Orthopaedic Elective Unit (the male ward is D28). Both offer a 24 hour service over 7 days a week, and specialise in planned elective surgery primarily for patients undergoing total hip and total knee replacements. The wards also admit patients undergoing knee and hand surgery. We also accept patients from other wards where patients may need to have a stay of one night or more before being discharged. We undertake the admission procedure when you arrive on the ward, postoperative, rehabilitation and discharge processes throughout your stay.

The ward sister/charge nurse is  Anne-Marie Ramadhar, with two deputy nurses: Lynn Beard and Sherry Lea Craig. There are also qualified staff nurses, health care assistants, and ward clerks. You may occasionally see volunteers, and as we are a teaching ward you will also see student nurses. Our multidisciplinary team includes our doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists who visit our wards on a daily basis to ensure service continues.

Please feel free to share your experience of being on this ward. Please e-mail your views to swbh.comms@nhs.net

Patients will need to bring with them a list of any current medication they are on and their actual tablets. If patients know they will be staying on the ward overnight, we ask that they bring nightwear, dressing gown, slippers, comfortable day wear and shoes. Patients will also need to bring toiletries including a towel, soap/shower gel, shampoo, tooth-brush, tooth-paste and clean underwear.

Patients should not bring any valuable objects or large amounts of money.

We encourage patients to try to wear their own day time clothes for the day after surgery.

The ward is located on the second floor of the main corridor at City Hospital, Birmingham.