Ward D11 is a facility for patients who have suffered a stroke. There are also patients with other neurological conditions.

A multi-disciplinary team works together to ensure the timely diagnosis and effective stabilisation of each patient’s condition. We are focused on providing high-quality care in preparation for rehabilitation or discharge.

Ward Matron: April Hawkins

Senior Sister: Ann Robinson

Please feel free to share your experience of being on this ward. Send your views to swbh.comms@nhs.net

Patients will need to bring with them a list of any current medication they are on and, if possible, the actual tablets. Patients are welcome to wear their own clothes in order to feel as comfortable as possible. Some of the tests and procedures may require patients to wear a hospital gown, which will be provided if needed. We do not offer a laundering service for a patient’s own clothes.

Valuables should be left at home, as things can easily get lost or left behind somewhere after a transfer.

Ward D11 is located on the main corridor of City Hospital, on the First Floor.