Smoking is a serious hazard to health which contributes towards the deaths of thousands of people each year across the UK. Smoking is one of the most common causes of heart disease and lung cancer, and can lead to several longstanding breathing problems.

Smoking is currently banned by law in all public indoor locations, and all of our hospital buildings are completely non-smoking throughout. Patients and visitors who wish to smoke may do so outside in specially designated smoking shelters which are located away from main entrances. On 5 July 2019, all Trust sites will become smoke free. We will support vapping in our grounds, but not in our buildings or entrances, and it will be in line with the current Public Health England advice.

Stop before the op
If you are due to have an operation, then cutting down or quitting is of vital importance. Smoking introduces many poisonous chemicals into the blood which can hamper recovery from an operation or illness. You may already have been referred to our smoking cessation service to help you give up smoking. Quitting smoking will help you recover better and more quickly from your operation and will help keep you healthier in future.

Stop Smoking Services
Giving up smoking is difficult, but every year thousands of people make the decision to quit so they can lead healthier lives. If you want to talk to someone about giving up smoking, please ask your nurse or doctor. You can also find a Stop Smoking Service local to you here.