Internet, TV, Radio and Phone

At City Hospital there is a WiFi service available to all patients and guests. This service offers 15 minutes of free internet access via personal devices. How to access the network and pricing structure, for longer use, can be found here.

In Sandwell General Hospital there should be a telephone, radio and television system by every bed.

Information about how to use the system is available by dialling 1234, or by scrolling through the screen options.

Patients and visitors can request a demonstration from one of our specialist staff.

In order to be able to use these facilities, you will need to purchase a card from the vending machine. You can ask a member of ward staff for details about how to do this and where vending machines are located. Costs vary depending on the services you require.

Please remember that use of mobile phones is not permitted at any of our hospitals, apart from in communal dining and reception areas, as they may affect medical equipment.

Use of camera phones or cameras on our wards is not permitted. This is because we need to protect the confidentiality of other patients and we have had cases where a relative has taken a photograph that has got another patient’s details in the background.

If you would like to take photographs in hospital, please contact the Communications Department on 0121 507 5303 or speak to the ward manager and we will do our best to make it possible for you.