Hand Washing

There are wash hand basins in every ward and department and in the main hospital corridors at City and Sandwell Hospitals.

Visitors should wash their hands when coming into the hospital and before leaving. They should also use hand gel when entering patient areas.

Alcohol gel is also available by patient bedsides.

Staff are expected to wash their hands or use hand gel when entering and leaving a ward and between making contact with patients. If you don’t think that staff are washing their hands or using the gel provided, please challenge them.

We audit compliance with hand hygiene. Hand hygiene audits are completed by the weekend of the first week of the each month. Any ward/department whose audit scores fall below 95% are required to undertake the audit weekly until compliance above 95% has been achieved. Wards with compliance scores less than 85% are required to complete daily audits until compliance is above 95%.

The aim of the audits is to:

  • Identify point of use compliance to the application and use of alcohol hand gels/or hand washing.
  • To reinforce the need for compliance to hand decontamination on entry and exit of wards/departments and before and after individual patient contact.
  • To obtain an overall baseline compliance within wards/departments, Divisions and Trust

As part of the audit all areas are required to undertake a random audit of compliance for Healthcare workers and visitors.

  • On entry to a ward or department
  • On exit from a ward or department
  • Before all patient contact
  • After all patient contact