Electric vehicle charge points

The Trust has installed electric vehicle charge points to reduce our impact on the environment and support staff and the public in charging vehicles on our hospital sites. The Trust has a total of six 7WK sockets (a dual charging unit at City Hospital, two single charging units at Sandwell General Hospital and a dual charging unit at Rowley Regis Hospital).

The Trust is not able to offer guarantee of charging unit availability at any site and accepts no responsibility for any damages or loss as a result of using the charge point. Use of the vehicle charging point is at the risk of the vehicle driver. Damage allegedly caused by the vehicle charging point to the vehicle is a matter solely between the device manufacturer and / or the device manufacture company. Damage caused to the charging point by the user will be repaired at the expense of that user.

Location of charge points:

Rowley Regis Hospital has a dual charger that can be used by staff and the public:


City Hospital has a dual charger outside the front of the Sheldon Block that can be used by staff and the public:

Parking spaces and length of stay:

Electrical charging points will be given an allocated parking space for vehicles recharging and are available on a first come, first served basis. These spaces must only be used for vehicles that are in charge. The charging point parking area must be vacated (and left empty) immediately once the vehicle has reached a serviceable charge (i.e. sufficient to complete their next journey), this is to ensure that using the charging point is not abused as a means of obtaining a parking space for the day. The maximum stay is 3 hours. Parking penalties apply.

Out of courtesy to other users, please clearly display your mobile phone number in the vehicle so other users can contact you should they need to.

Loss of power:

The Trust runs regular generator tests at City Hospital and Rowley Regis Hospital which may interrupt power to the charge points. When the power resumes, the charging session should also resume.

Faults and any issues:

For any issues or faults, please contact GeniePoint support via the website, call or email:

Tel: 020 3598 4087

Email: geniesupport@chargepointservices.com


Cost of vehicle charging:

The user will be charged for the energy consumption during charging. Please see guidance below for staff and public use.


The current rate to charge is £0.30 per KWH and a transaction fee of £0.50 as at September 2017. For up to date pricing and to register, please visit www.cpsgenie.com. Once registered, you will also be able to access the wider GeniePoint Network charge points.