Safeguarding Children

We are committed to the safeguarding and welfare of children and young people and have a range of policies, procedures and training programmes designed to promote child welfare and protect children.

All staff are required to undertake basic safeguarding training, whether they work with children or not. Staff who care for children carry out further training.

Wherever possible we aim to involve children and young people in planning services.

Staff are given clear guidelines to follow if they have cause for concern over the welfare of a child. Examples of causes for concern are:

  •  If a member of staff directly witnessing the abuse of a child
  • If a member of staff receives information regarding the suspected abuse of a child
  • If a member of staff identifies signs and symptoms suggestive of abuse
  • If a member of staff may identifies injuries and indicators that do not match the history given
  • A child may disclose information regarding themselves
  • A member of staff may be concerned about the behaviour of a parent or carer concerning information such as A&E alerts, Child Protection plan
  • Any other concerning information from other sources e.g. repeated attendance at A&E