What goes where…

In developing the design of the new hospital, we sought the views of the local community to ensure that it is fit for purpose and meets their expectations.  They even had the opportunity to name the new building.

In this page, you will see our plan for the Midland Metropolitan University Hospital. Located on a 16.76 acre brownfield site on Grove Lane in Smethwick, Midland Met is likely to be about seven storeys high and provide around 80,600m2 of hospital space.  It is expected to provide capacity for approximately 81,455 inpatients and 115,045 outpatients every year.

Midland Met will sit on 11 levels, which are:

  • Level 0  = main entrance , car park and outside green
  • Level 1 = car park
  • Level 2 = ED and Maternity Delivery Suite entrances  and emergency floor (with ED, Adult assessment units, Imaging Department, Cardiology services)
  • Level 3 = Clinical floor (with operating theatres, critical care unit, delivery suite, antenatal clinic,  neonatal unit, medical day case facilities and a medical ward)
  • Level 4 = Children’s services and maternity wards
  • Level 5 = Welcome Centre, Restaurant, Multi-faith Centre, retail outlets, education centre, winter garden and access to outside terrace
  • Levels 6,7 and 8 = adult wards
  • Levels 9 and 10 = expansion and engineering space

There will be 670 acute inpatient beds, located in:

  • 12 Adult Inpatient wards (32 beds each, and half the beds will be in single rooms with ensuites)
  • 2 Maternity Wards
  • 30 Critical Care bedsCarillion_MMH_HealthL-Modified-fina2 lwith curb_copyrights-www.mir.no
  • 36 Neonatal cots
  • 50 Paediatric beds (and 6 day case beds)
  • 14 Coronary Care beds
  • 117 Adult Acute Assessment spaces (AMU, SAU, Ambulatory)
  • 16 Level 1 beds (distributed within wards)

Services at Midland Metropolitan University Hospital: 

Emergency/ Elective Surgery/Day Case:

  • Emergency Department
  • 2 Trauma Theatres
  • 7 Elective theatres
  • 2 Maternity theatres
  • 12 Delivery Suites
  • Birth Centre
  • Medical Daycase Unit/ Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia (SCAT)


  • Endoscopy Unit
  • Cardiac Interventional Suite
  • Imaging (Plain X-ray, US, Ante-Natal US, MRI, CT, Physics and Nuclear Medicine, IR)
  • Medical Illustration (inpatient support)
  • Pathology (essential labs)
  • Cardiac Diagnostics (main department)
  • Respiratory Physiology (inpatient support)
  • Neurophysiology (inpatient support)

Outpatient services 

  • Ante-natal care and phlebotomy
  • Paediatrics (including audiology test room, orthoptic consulting rooms)
  • Urodynamics
  • Cardiac rehabilitation


  • Pharmacy
  • Clinical and Corporate Administration
  • Academic and Education provision
  • Multi-faith
  • Satellite Mortuary