Interesting facts about Midland Met

The Midland Metropolitan University Hospital promises to be the largest acute hospital in the region. But what else that makes this hospital special? Here are five facts you may not know:

1 – There will be separate routes for inpatients and visitors

Inpatients will be transferred around the new hospital via separate corridors and lifts to those being used by visitors. It means inpatients will have privacy whilst moving around the hospital.

2 – The Winter Garden is actually a navigation system

The Winter Garden will not only be an inviting place for staff, patients and visitors to meet and relax, but it will also be the welcome and navigation centre for the hospital. Visitors will be able to find their way with the help of clear signs, volunteers and digital wayfinding.

3 – There will be a Dementia-friendly environment 

Colours and contrasts will be used to help patients identify where they are. Layouts of wards will be the same, with each group of four beds within a ward having a different colour theme. Patient rooms will have different doors (which will blend with corridor walls), clocks will show the date, month and year. Pictorial signs will be used on bathroom doors and all bed spaces have an external view or look onto one of the courtyards. This means patients will be able to see the external light changes throughout the day. These measures will help all of our patients including those suffering from dementia.

4 – A staggering 800 people have been employed to build the hospital

The Midland Met project has already employed more than 800 people and it is expected to continue to boost the local economy.

5 – The Hospital will house state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment

A 10-year contract with Siemens Healthcare, means only the highest quality X-ray and scanning machinery will be used at the new site. That includes state-of-the-art CT, MRI and ultrasound machines.