Jun 05th 2018

Work continues to seek construction and funding solution


Tuesday, 5 June, 2018

Toby Lewis, Chief Executive, said: “The construction site for the Midland Metropolitan Hospital continues to be secure and yet all construction work remains paused until a resolution is found. It is extremely unfortunate that we are starting to see deterioration to some of the building materials and it is now clear that some work that has been completed will need to be redone. The full costs of that rework and deterioration will be fully understood this month but are expected to exceed £10m. That cost could increase if construction is not progressed before next winter.

“The likelihood of being able to open this much needed hospital in 2020 is now, regrettably, becoming unfeasible and the options to secure funding and construction arrangements that remain are more likely to see completion in 2022. There is no doubt that the hospital will open and will provide outstanding facilities locally for many generations to come. All parties involved remain committed to working together to seek a resolution to construction of the Midland Metropolitan Hospital and we welcome the support from politicians and partners at local and national level.”


Previous Press Statements: 

Toby Lewis, Chief Executive, said: “We continue to report the position factually and straightforwardly to our Board, which helps staff and local taxpayers to know what is going on at this difficult time.  It is not in dispute that the Midland Metropolitan Hospital is needed urgently and that 2018 was the preferred date for a project which started a decade before.

“Arrangements to maintain safe services until 2020 have been developed, but some options for finishing the hospital take the opening date well past that timescale, perhaps as late as 2022, and would, in all probability, necessitate interim service reconfiguration between our sites in 2019.  This is something partners are working to avoid, but as time goes by it is becoming more probable that a slower building route will be chosen, with increased cost and disruption.

“Funders, government, politicians and local public sector bodies are working together to find a solution, but we recognise that deadlines set by all parties, in good faith, for a decision by the end of March and then the end of April have passed.  The Trust can do no more to bring the position to a conclusion in order to deliver the Prime Minister’s promise to complete the Midland Metropolitan Hospital as quickly as possible.   We are having productive discussions with regulators about additional costs to the Trust associated with delay.”


Friday, April 20th, 2018.

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust this week received more and ongoing welcome support to progress the construction of the Midland Metropolitan Hospital, that was affected by the insolvency of Carillion announced in January 2018.  Clinical quality issues in urgent and emergency care, and workforce recruitment issues, drive a view that this vital new hospital, that is two-thirds built, proceeds rapidly.  This will mean that patients can receive safe, high quality care in purpose-built facilities, seven days a week.

Toby Lewis, Chief Executive, welcomed the continued support from partners. He said: “This week has demonstrated the absolute commitment from all involved to work together to get this project back on track, so that the new hospital can open in 2020. That means construction work re-starting in the spring sunshine enabling our patients to get the long-awaited new acute and emergency hospital that they deserve.

“I am pleased that so many partners are behind the project, including local MPs John Spellar and James Morris, and the West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street. The Prime Minister reiterated her commitment during PMQs on Wednesday and we are hopeful that we will get the green light to progress a solution to get the hospital completed in 2020.

“The Trust’s Board does not yet have a final view on how to finance and construct this key project.  But what is clear is that a decision point must come soon and that if at all possible we need to bring an end to site degradation, which is costing money week by week on rework.  We have published an estimate of the extra cost that private or public funders will need to meet and we are working constructively with all partners to finalise decisions.

“We are not lobbying anyone for anything, though we welcome Andy’s letter.  What we are doing is undertaking our public duty to keep local taxpayers and NHS staff informed and involved in this critical project.”

To watch Andy Street’s video about the Midland Met Hospital, go to  https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/987010947704410114

Friday, January 19th, 2018.

Toby Lewis, Chief Executive of Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, spoke on Friday, January 19,  on site at Midland Met Hospital, about the development and the current situation following the liquidation of Carillion.

Watch our video below to find out what he said:

Tuesday January 16th, 2018, 1pm. 

Toby Lewis, Chief Executive, said: “It has been abundantly clear over the last 24 hours how much the completion of the Midland Met means to the plans and ambitions of partner organisations locally.  We have worked together for over a decade to develop the plans to invest more money into primary and community care, and redesign acute care.  That plan is ‘two thirds built’ with the new hospital, and partners are anxious to re-establish timescale clarity.  We are working to do just that with The Hospital Company, and now with PwC and government officials.  We welcome the commitment to project continuation offered yesterday in Parliament, which has reassured staff, working to provide NHS care here, that this overdue project remains a priority.”

Monday January 15th, 2018, 5pm.

Toby Lewis, Chief Executive, said: “I have spent time today on the construction site of the new Midland Metropolitan Hospital and I have had a number of discussions with key stakeholders including The Hospital Company who hold the contract for building the hospital.
“We will be working hard over the next few days and weeks to resolve any uncertainty over how this vital NHS acute hospital gets completed in 2019.”

Monday January 15th, 2018, 9am.

Toby Lewis, Chief Executive, said: “We regret this morning’s announcement concerning Carillion, who are the constructor for our long awaited new hospital, which is almost complete. We are working closely with HM Treasury and The Hospital Company as alternative arrangements are put in place to ensure that the construction of the Midland Metropolitan Hospital is completed.  People working for Carillion are part of our local community and we will want to do anything that we can do to support their needs and futures at this difficult time.”

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