How it works

How it works?

At the centre of owning the future there are staff ambassadors. Every team will elect one member to represent their team as an ambassador. To do this, each team member will be asked to anonymously vote for any one of their team – staff will not put themselves forward. The person with the most votes from their colleagues will become that team’s ‘ambassador.’ All elected ‘ambassadors’ will then take part in a forum where they can discuss issues and suggestions that have come from frontline staff.

 What Staff Ambassadors do?

What Ambassadors do?

  • Be the voice of front line staff 
  • Bring forward teams ideas for improvements to day to day working practices
  • Ensure that there is a good relationship between yourself and your manager, this will enable matters arising locally to be dealt with at a local level
  • Work with your manager to support and develop front line staff understanding about the Trust and its strategic direction
  • Provide feedback and comment on Trust decisions
  • Ensure effective mechanisms are in place to feedback to your team
  • Identify items for directorate or divisional level discussion
  • Develop links with other ambassadors and share best practice

 Ambassador Forum

The Ambassador Forum enables Ambassadors from their Division or Directorate to come together on a regular basis to discuss the progress of the pilot and any other issues which would benefit from a collective approach.