List of all Consultants

  1. Mr Shekhar Chillala

    Emergency Medicine

  2. Dr Sarbjit Clare

    Echocardiography & medical education

  3. Dr Derek Connolly

    Consultant Interventional Cardiologist            

  4. Dr Carol Cobb

    Inflammatory bowel disease & ERCP

  5. Dr Deep Chand

    Cross sectional and general radiology, MRI, CT, U/S            

  6. Dr Doreen Cox

    Breast radiology with a special interest in Breast MRI

  7. Professor Carl E Clarke

    Neurology, Movement Disorders including Parkinson’s Disease            

  8. Mr Kiong Chan

    Gynaecological Oncology            

  9. Mr David Cheung

    Mr David Cheung graduated from Bristol Medical School in 1994 and started Ophthalmology training in 1995. HisΒ General Ophthalmology training consisted of working in teaching hospitals…

  10. Dr David Carruthers

    Rheumatology & Vasculitis            

  11. Dr J L Clift


  12. Dr J Chilvers

  13. Dr D Cochran

  14. Dr N Carter

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