SWBH Charity feels all warm and fuzzy after a knitted donation is made for premature babies

SWBH Charity were delighted this week when we received a donation of beautiful knitted clothing for stillborn babies by Julia Colledge, long-time knitter for organisation ‘Lisa’s Stars’. Lisa’s Stars was set up to supply tiny blankets, hats and angel wraps to hospitals so that any baby born too early would be kept warm and wrapped in love.

The SWBH Maternity bereavement lead, Mary Molloy, and her team work to give dignity to the little stillborn babies and to ease the process for their family. As part of this it’s important for the team to be able to clothe the babies; some of the babies born prematurely are just 10cm long and so it can be extremely difficult for the team to find clothing that fits. Donations like this are invaluable to enabling the team to bring dignity to these little babies at such a difficult time for their families.

Julia, Rep for Birmingham and the Black Country, got in touch with the fundraising department of the SWBH Charity after being sent a bag full of tiny knitted clothes for babies born asleep ranging in size from those born up to 16 weeks, to babies born after 24 weeks.

If you want to support the maternity bereavement service, or any other cause in our hospitals, call the SWBH Charity on 0121 507 5196 or email to swbh.fundraising@nhs.net.