Registering for email correspondence

As a Trust we are keen to offer patients the opportunity to receive information by email. We’re asking patients for their email address so in future we can email your appointment dates and even test results directly to you, meaning you will not have to wait for the post, and it decreases the risk of you losing your letters, as they will be in your inbox online.

Your email address will be used by any service or department within the Trust that needs to contact you to send you new appointments, confirm changes to appointments and to send you results of your tests or consultations. We will not sell your email address to any external organisation. If you change your mind and do not wish to receive email at a later date you can let us know and revert back to the postal system.

If you change your email address it is your responsibility to let us know by calling the contact centre on 0121 507 4151.

Full details about our move to offer patients an email service is on our website