What happens to your donation?

Everything you donate to Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Charity is used to enhance the experience of patients at our hospitals. We support the vital services provided at City Hospital, Sandwell General Hospital, Rowley Regis Community Hospital and Leasowes Intermediate Care Centre. This includes specialist areas such as the Birmingham Midland Eye Centre, Sandwell Community Services and the Birmingham Skin Centre. 

We receive donations in a variety of forms. Many people raise money by participating in an event or organising a fundraising activity. Some people nominate us for support in their local office or supermarket. Others donate items like toys, flat screen TVs for waiting areas, games consoles and much more. No matter how you choose to get involved with our charity, it is always for the benefit of the Trust. All of the money raised is spent locally. 

Our charity has a number of funds that enable you to give to any ward or department across the Trust. This means that a wide variety of projects can be supported and gives you the opportunity to give to an area that is important to you. Public generosity has led to the funding of a community garden at City Hospital, the provision of state of the art equipment in the Eye Centre and the purchase of interactive Wayfinders to help people navigate their way round our hospitals. 

Many of the areas we serve are amongst the most deprived in the UK. We believe that local people deserve to have first class health facilities and are investing in plans to build a new hospital. Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Charity will be supporting this campaign to make sure we offer those extra touches for our patients and their families. We will continue to underpin the Trust’s commitment to improving patient experience across all of our services. Community involvement is key to us achieving this and we could not operate the charity without the  kindness of our patients, volunteers and local people. 

If you would like to raise money for a specific purpose, please get in touch with our fundraising team on 0121 507 5196 to discuss your idea. This will ensure that we are able to use your donation in the way you wish us to.

The Charitable Funds Committee

The Charitable Funds Committee is chaired by Non Executive Director Dr Sarindar Sahota, OBE, who holds roles in many prominent local businesses.

The Committee is made up of members of the Trust Board including all Non Executive Directors and all voting Executive Directors. It meets four times a year and discusses where funds should be invested (seeking professional advice), and how they should be spent.

Charity Trustees are legally accountable for the affairs of the Charity, and have responsibility for the raising, managing and expending of funds on behalf of it. Trustees have and must also accept ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the funds, ensuring that the Charity remains solvent, is well run, and delivers charitable outcomes that benefit the NHS for which it has been set up.

Trustees must act reasonably and prudently in all matters relating to the Charity and must always bear in mind that their prime concern is the Charity’s interests.

The Trustees are required to prepare an annual report to describe how the Charitable Trust is organised, its aims and objectives and financial position and performance in the year under review.

Further information, and the accounts for previous years, can be found at the Charity Commission Website