1. Mr Iain Wharton


  2. Mr Tariq Sami

    Urinary Tract Stone Disease, Urological Oncology, Endourology, General Urology and Prostatil Diseases          

  3. Mr Peter Ryan

    Uro-oncology, General Urology & Vasectomy            

  4. Mr John Parkin

    Uro-Oncology/Bladder Cancer/Prostate Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment/ Radical Pelvic Surgery/ Laparoscopic Surgery (Kidney, Bladder And Prostate)/General Urology/ Bph ‘Green-Light Laser Surgery’/Endourology/ Ureteroscopy        …

  5. Mr Ugo Otite

    Female Urology, Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction, SPH Surgery, Endourology, General Paediatric Urology & Erectile Dysfunction

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