Public Trust Board Papers – 2020


000 – Agenda Public Trust Board (Jan 2020)
001 EMPA mins 20191210 v2
002 POD Summary Note December 2019
003 – POD draft Minutes (25th Oct 2019) – Amended
004a – CEO Report (cover)
004b – CEO Report (report)
004c – CEO Report Annex A TeamTalk Briefing – December
004d – CEO Report (Annex B) – CLE Outbrief 17 December
004e – CEO Report (Annex C) – Imaging performance)
004f – CEO Report (Annex D) Safe Staffing – Summary
004g CEO Report (Annex E) Vacancy Annex – Jan 2020
004h – CEO Report (Annex F) Infection Control Amber to green
005a IQPR_Cover Report November for Jan 2020 Board
005b Integrated Quality and Performance Report_Nov19
006a Monthly Risk Register TB (cover and report)
006b Appendix A1
006c Appendix A2
006d Appendix B
007a Serious Incident Report (cover and report)
007b Serious Incident Report (Appendix A)
007c Serious Incident Report (Appendix B)
008 Board Paper Flu December 19
009 – Next Steps on Midland Met (cover & report)
010a Improving retention TB January cover and report
010b App 1 – Retirement Trajectory Oct 19
010c App 2 – Retention Project Plan
011 Staffing our wards 2021 cover and report Final
012a Optimisation TB paper Jan 2012
012b Annex 1 Optimisation paper TB
013 ED TB January cover and report
014a Cover Sheet Month 8 finance report
014b Board Finance Report M8
015a 2020-2021 Budgets TB cover sheet
015b Budget Setting 2020-2021
016a – NHS Regulatory Undertakings (cover)
016b – NHS Regulatory Undertakings (report)
016c January Board Agency Undertakings
017 Application of the Trust Seal
018 Public Board meering 5 December 2019
019 Action Log (at 5 Dec 2019)