Raffaela Goodby

January 2015

People management within the Trust. 
Attracting  and recruiting new employees.
Leadership and Learning
Human Resources
Health and Wellbeing

Psychology degree from the University of Birmingham

Raffaela has worked in public services for most of her career, holding roles in HR, OD, recruitment, communications and strategic leadership in both the private and the public sector. Raffaela is a proud Brummie, originally from Hall Green, who says her passion and skills lie in making people have a better day at work, feel healthy and well and feel committed to their organisation. Raffaela likes to balance the theory of change with the ‘reality of making it happen’ in complex environments.
Raffaela has a national role in PPMA (Public Service People Manager’s Association) and Engage for Success, a national movement connecting practitioners across the UK.

Follow Raffaela on Twitter: @brummieHR