The Star Awards 2018

The Star Awards are set to be the highlight of 2018 as the star studded awards recognise the exceptional care, compassion, hard work and innovation shown by colleagues, volunteers and members of the community.

This year’s ceremony is set to take place on Friday 12th October and celebrate the achievements of colleagues across 19 awards categories in a record breaking year where we have received the highest number of nominations in the history of Star Awards at SWBH.

Looking forwards to the star studded awards, Toby Lewis Chief Executive said, β€œThis year, we received the largest number of nominations in the history of the Star Awards. Nominations range from acts of kindness towards patients and relatives, to overcoming hurdles, to provide outstanding leadership – each nomination had a common thread – our organisation is made up of truly remarkable people.”

The Star Awards this year have been proudly sponsored by Your Trust Charity, SWBH Benefits, Aston University, Personal Group, Lets Connect, Badgernet, Capsticks, Cerner, Oracle, TMP Worldwide, Siemens, HCI Group, Iron Mountain, Sandwell College, Oceans Blue, University of Wolverhampton, Inhealth and Tusker.

If you have any questions, please contact the communications team on 0121 507 5303 or email