Transport and Cycling

BikesWe aim to reduce the environmental impact of travel associated with our activities, particularly through vehicle emissions, fuel consumption and our impact on local congestion.

The Trust runs a successful staff ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme and we operate a shuttle bus service for staff needing to travel between the City Hospital and Sandwell Hospital sites. We also have in place cycling storage and facilities across all sites to support our staff in cycling to and from work and across sites.

The Trust has recently been awarded a Top Cycling Location – Gold standard. This is the highest standard for organisations that actively promote cycling, provide up-to-date information and high quality facilities for all employees, students, customers or visitors to the site.

The Trust has developed Travel Plans to understand staff commuting habits and look at how we can encourage more sustainable travel. The Trust Travel Plans can be found here:

City Hospital Smart Network Travel Plan

Sandwell Smart Network Travel Plan

Rowley Regis Smart Network Travel Plan

We also encourage everyone to ride their bikes safely. Please visit the websites below to learn more about road safety:

NHS Choice -Getting started guides

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents