Safeguarding Declaration

Safeguarding Children Declaration to the SHA/PCTs submitted 8th October 2009
New representative to be confirmed – June 2020

Name of Trust/PCT: Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust
Contact details for person completing form: 0121 507 5536, via Samantha Cattermole
Name of Board Level Exec Director lead for Safeguarding
Has the Trust/PCT published a declaration on safeguarding arrangements? (As a minimum the declaration should be accessible within 3 clicks from the homepage of the Trust’s website). If not, when will this be available? Yes, but revised for October 09 Trust Board approval.
Using information provided in your Trust’s declaration please describe briefly how your Board is assured that:
1. Your Trust/PCT meets statutory requirements in relation to CRB checks: Yes – CRB checks are conducted for all staff including bank staff and via SLA with agencies.
2. Child protection policies and systems are up to date and robust: Yes, all policies and systems have been reviewed within the past year and agreed via the Trust’s Governance process.
3. Child protection policies include a process for following up children who miss OP appointments: Yes, include in the Trust DNA policy and the Children’s Discharge Planning Policy.
4. Child protection policies include a system for flagging children for whom there are safeguarding concerns: Yes, included in the Trust policy.
5. All eligible staff have undertaken and are up to date with safeguarding training at level 1. Yes, completed for the whole Trust in 2009.
6. Either a review of other training arrangements has been carried out or will be carried out by the end of 2009, taking account of the emerging messages from the national review of safeguarding: There has been considerable focus on training this year and a review of the content of training is planned and will be complete by the end of 2009. Level 3 provided by PCT.
7. Designated and/or named professionals are clear about their role and have sufficient time and support to undertake it: Yes, although we are reviewing the time given to the named nurse and doctor.
8. There is a Board level Executive Director lead for safeguarding: Yes – Chief Nurse.