Quality Plan

We will focus on our Quality Plan during 2018-19 so that we continually improve the health outcomes for patients. We are committed to being among the best in the region, and for some measure the best in the NHS.  

Below are our 10 goals:

  1. We will reduce deaths in hospital that could be avoided so that we are among the top 20 per cent of comparable NHS Trusts in the UK. We will take action to cut avoidable deaths from sepsis, hospital acquired venous thromboembolism, stroke, acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), fractured neck of femur and high risk abdominal surgery.
  2. Cancer patients that we treat will have some of the best health outcomes in the UK, with SWBH being among the top 20 per cent of comparable NHS Trusts.
  3. We will coordinate care well across different services so that patients who are discharged are cared for safely at home and don’t need to come back for an unplanned further hospital stay.
  4. We will deliver outstanding quality of outcomes in our work to save people’s eyesight, with results among the top 20 per cent of comparable NHS Trusts in the UK.
  5. More Sandwell and West Birmingham residents will take up the health screening services that we provide than in other parts of the West Midlands.
  6. We will reduce the number of stillbirths and deaths in the first week of life so that we are providing a better service than others in the West Midlands.
  7. Patients at the end of their lives will die in the place they choose, receiving compassionate end of life care.
  8. Children we care for will have convenient appointment times and those who need to stay in hospital will be treated quickly so that they are not missing out on valuable time at school.
  9. Patients will report that their health is better following treatment with us than elsewhere in England, ranking SWBH in the top 20 per cent of NHS Trusts for patient-reported outcomes.
  10. We will work in close partnership with mental health care partners to ensure that our children’s, young people’s, adult and older people’s crisis and ongoing care services are among the best in the West Midlands.