Community hospitals

Community inpatient facilities are provided from Rowley Regis Community Hospital and Leasowes Intermediate Care Centre.

Rowley Regis Community Hospital provides continuing care, rehabilitation and respite care. It also has a range of outpatient clinics and diagnostic facilities, including:

Gynaecology (women’s reproductive health)
General surgery
Trauma & orthopaedics (serious injury or bone/joint problems)
Urology (kidneys, bladder, prostate etc)
Plastic surgery
Ear, nose and throat
General medicine
Elderly care
Cardiology (the heart)
Gastroenterology (digestive problems)
Haematology (regarding blood disorders)
Imaging (eg X-ray, MRI, CT)
Heart of Sandwell Day Hospice

Halcyon midwife-led birth centre

The Halcyon midwife-led birth centre is next door to Leasowes Intermediate Care Centre and has three dedicated birthing suites. ITN newsreader Julie Etchingham opened the centre, describing it as ‘the most beautiful place in the NHS’.