Diane Beaman – Decontamination Manager

Diane Beaman ThumbDECONTAMINATION is not the prettiest of subjects, but for one woman working at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, it is her chosen career path.

Diane Beaman, the Decontamination Manager for the Trust, ‘caught the bug’ early on in her life, choosing healthcare and specialising in infection prevention and control.

Working in the NHS for over 30 years, Diane (50) has been with Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals since 2008 as a member of the Infection Prevention and Control department and has been working closely with the Trust’s Decontamination service ever since.

“I have worked in sterile services for many years and I am glad that this is the career path I chose to follow, even after all these years.

“The good thing about my job is that it is not an office job, I am always out and about on the wards working with everyone from senior doctors to student nurses and HCAs, training them in safety procedures regarding the chemicals being used to decontaminate equipment,” Diane said.

Due to the nature of her job, no two days are the same for Diane. One day she could be at a training day, learning about a new chemical to use in the Decontamination Unit and the next day she could be working on the wards to make sure that every patient and member of staff is protected, by completing risk assessments on the products currently in use, using the Trust’s motto “keep it safe, keep it clean”.

Diane is very proud of the Decontamination team and the work they do.

“We are one of very few Trusts in the NHS who have their own Decontamination Service and have the facilities to disinfect every piece of equipment the Trust uses.

“We also have a special Decontamination Area for incubators and I am really proud of the team and what they can do to play their part in the smooth running of a large healthcare organisation.”

Since working for the NHS, she has attended Kingston University, London, where she graduated with a first-class degree in Medical Devices in 2014.

Diane sees the head of her department and line manager, Rebecca Evans as her hero as she is a real inspiration to her.

“Rebecca works so hard at her job and manages her team really well which makes me and I’m sure other colleagues of mine look up to her as a great role model.”

Mother-of-two Diane and her husband Trevor, who retired from his maintenance role at the Trust at Christmas last year, make the most out of whatever free time they have together by travelling to all corners of the world.

“We have recently come back from a tour of the American ‘deep south’ where we had a fantastic time and are planning a trip to Vietnam for our next holiday.”