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“The NHS is full of remarkable, motivated people, who give a lot to our communities.  Here we focus some of our time on the quiet heroes from a wide variety of backgrounds, doing a wide variety of jobs, in one of the Black Country’s largest NHS organisations.  Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust provides community and hospital healthcare across Sandwell.  It employs 7000 people, many of whom live locally.  Over 1.5m times in the last year the Trust saw a patient face to face – and provides care from 150 locations as well as in your front room.”

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Julie Brooks

Julie Morris – Phlebotomist

Emma Graham-Clarke-1 thumb

Emma Graham- Clarke – Consultant Pharmacist

Lesley Wall

Lesley Wall – Admin Manager

Olivia Agar

Olivia Agar – Midwife

Ruth Williams

Ruth Williams – Manager of the Integrated Care Service

Ian Galligan – Technical Supervisor and Speak Up Guardian

Arlene Copland – Alcohol Specialist Nurse

Julie Edwards

Julie Edwards – Clinical Nurse Specialist for Headache

Jenny Wright

Jenny Wright – Health and Wellbeing Manager

Justine Irish small

Justine Irish – Matron

Akm Kamruzzaman

Moulana Akm Kamruzzaman – Muslim Chaplain/Imam

Tsitsi Banza2

Tsitsi Banza – Staff Nurse

Jim Pollitt small

Jim Pollitt – Associate Director of Education, Learning and Development

Liz Green small

Liz Green – Lead Nurse for Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia

Brenda Jumi small

Brenda Jumi – Workforce Redesign Manager

Pete Davies

Dr Pete Davies – Clinical Service Lead for Diabetes Endocrinology

Emily Stubbs – Assistant Physiologist

Chris Rickards

Chris Rickards – Staff Side Convenor

Colin Holburn

Mr Colin Holburn – Consultant and Clinical lead for Emergency

Tamsin Radford

Dr Tamsin Radford

Angela Hook small

Angela Hook – Ward Clerk

Janet Hall small

Janet Hall – Senior ward Service Officer

Amanda geary 2 small

Amanda Geary – Group Director of Operations

Dr Agwu Chizo – Consultant Paediatrician in Diabetes and Endocrinology

Denis Parkes

Denis Parkes – Volunteer

Amardeep Singh small

Amardeep Singh – Lead Pharmacist for HIV

Glynis Fenner small

Glynis Fenner – Senior Nurse


Jilly Croasdale – Head of Radiopharmacy and Associate Director Healthcare Science

Dottie Tipton small

Dottie Tipton – Primary Care Liaison Manager

Bill Thomson small

Bill Thomson-  Consultant Physicist

NHS Hero Ann Stevenson thumb

Reverend Ann Stevenson – Lead Chaplain

NHS Hero- Shameela Munir 2 thumb

Shameela Munir – Audiologist

Sonia Williams Leasowes thumb

Sonia Williams – Intermediate Care Nurse

Shazmeen Hansrod thumb

Shazmeen Hansrod – Healthcare scientist

Faye Mellington thumb

Faye Mellington – Eye Consultant

Nadine Monk thumb 1

Nadine Monk – Medical secretary

Stuart Young thumb

Stuart Young – Staff Nurse

Rachel Martin thumb

Rachel Martin – Physiotherapist

Annabel Morgan thumb

Annabel Bottrill – Matron

Arijit Mitra thumb

Arijit Mitra – Eye Consultant

Geraldine Cotton thumb

Geraldine Cotton – Medical secretary

Julie Guy thumb

Julie Guy – Sister

Carmel Madden-1 thumb

Carmel Madden – Matron

Judith Martin thumb

Judith Martin – Organ Donation Specialist Nurse

Jenny Oliver thumb

Jenny Oliver – HCA

Jade Greenhough thumb

Jade Greenhough – Healthcare Support Worker

Jody Stubbs 1

Jody Stubbs – Senior Sister

Helen Bessant thumb

Helen Bessant – Occupational Therapist Manager

Julie Morris thumb

Julie Morris – Phlebotomist

Lauren Weigh thumb

Lauren Weigh – Learning and Development Assistant

Leong Lee thumb

Leong Lee – Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

Jenny Donavon thumb

Jennifer Donovan – Cancer Service Manager

39 - dr hussein nagi

Dr Hussein Nagi – Consultant in Anaesthetics and Chronic Pain

Matthew Rafe hero thumb

Matthew Rafe – Security Team Leader

Carrie Goodship thumb

Carrie Goodship – Reporting Radiographer/Advanced Practitioner

Mark_McBreen Thumb

Mark McBreen – Medical Illustration Service Manager

Professor Karim Raza – Director of Research & Development

Sarah Potter – Senior Research Midwife

Nuhu Usman – Consultant and Clinical Director for Emergency Care

Lydia Jones – Director of Therapies

Joy Walker – Senior Ward Sister

Dr Arvind Rajasekaran – Consultant Respiratory Physician

Kevin Robinson – General Transport Driver

Laura Butler – Oncology Research Nurse

Holly Smith – A&E staff nurse

Tammy Davies – Group Director of Nursing for Primary Care, Community and Therapies

Amanda Winwood – Fundraising manager for Your Trust Charity

Kiran Bassan – Musculoskeletal physiotherapist

Pip McKnight – Community Midwife

Rob Kemp – Decommissioning project assistant