NHS 70

Celebrate #NHS70 with your story

THE NHS celebrates its 70th birthday on July 5 – and we’re marking the event with a whole host of activities throughout the year.

We are appealing for you to share your memories of the NHS, which we will publish via our social media channels, on our website or through Sandwell Hospital Radio.  We’re looking for your earliest memory of the NHS, or your recollections of working in a great team, or alongside a colleague who made work a joy.

We’re also looking for any old photographs of the Trust and staff which we can copy for an exhibition, and if you have any medical items from years gone by, that we could display for a short period please let us know.
If you would like to participate by sharing your memories of the NHS then please get in touch with Vy Tran, Senior Communications Officer, through email at  v.tran@nhs.net.