The Equality Delivery System and Equality Objectives

In developing our Equality Objectives we undertook a thorough consultation, results of which are contained within our Equality Objectives April 2012 report. We recognise the ongoing nature of this work and will continue to monitor and measure equality and the quality of outcomes based on the goals and outcomes which underpin the Equality Delivery System (EDS).

The EDS performance tool ensures that we are able to achieve compliance of duties under the Equality Act and replaces our current Single Equality Scheme (SES).  We have developed the EDS Assessment Table which is reviewed and monitored by the Equality and Diversity steering group to ensure that the Trust equality objectives are agreed and in place.

All of our Equality Objectives have been drawn from the evidence and data currently collated on protected groups including our workforce. Once ratified and implemented we will revise our Equality Objectives annually in light of legislative and organisational changes as well as our progress against them.

EDS Grading Report 2013

Equality Objective 1 Governance
Ensure effective governance structure and processes are in place to support the delivery of equality, diversity and Inclusion.
Equality Objective 2 Equality Data analysis
Improve the monitoring processes for equality data by protected characteristics for both service users and staff.
Equality Objective 3 Leadership
Ensure all senior leaders and managers have an annual objective as part of their Personal Development Reviews [PDRs] to embed equality, diversity and inclusion within their areas.
Equality Objective 4 Service Delivery
Ensure that our services are designed and delivered in ways which meet the needs of our service users, ensuring quality of outcomes and experiences.
Equality Objective 5 Training and Development
Ensure staff members are culturally competent and confident in the provision of care promoting and maintaining dignity, respect and inclusion at all times.