Patient equality

The Trust treats all of its patients with the greatest of respect and personalised care, and does not discriminate on any grounds whatsoever. We actively listen to, respect and care for our patients, without prejudice.

We also actively engage with traditionally hard-to-reach groups, such as gypsies and travelers  refugees, the LGBT community and Eastern European cultures. All of our patients receive a questionnaire on discharge, which asks their views on the quality of the care they have received. We ask for feedback on things like food, privacy, dignity, and our team goes to great lengths to take action on responses where possible. We have set up an Equality Delivery Sustem – a patient and workforce group that works together to help deliver services that are meaningful.

We also respect our patients religious and cultural beliefs. Our Chaplaincy services actively cater for many faiths – Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Jewish. See here for more details.