Our Equality and Diversity Groups

Leadership is crucial to the success of the Single Equality Scheme. Therefore, the delivery framework for the scheme is supported by an Equality and Diversity Steering Group, chaired by the Chief Nurse. The steering group has three subgroups: Workforce, Services and Policies Assessment, and Independent Living. These ensure all standards, targets and objectives are met. Senior managers and clinicians join with patient representatives, trade union delegates and voluntary sector nominees, to work in partnership in monitoring the overall effectiveness of the scheme.

Equality and Diversity steering group

The purpose of the steering group is:

  • To set the strategic direction for equality and diversity in line with the Trust’s Single Equality Scheme.
  • To raise the profile of equality and diversity across the Trust’s sites / functions and services.
  • To ensure the work undertaken by the Single Equality Scheme is monitored, progressed and appropriately reported.
  • To produce quarterly and annual Single Equality Scheme reports for the Trust Board.

Equality and Diversity group terms of reference

Service and Policy Assessment Subgroup

Our Service and Policy Assessment Subgroup monitors the completion of impact assessment of policies and services in accordance with legal duties. As part of the Trust’s commitment to ensuring that all services and policies are subjected to equality and diversity review, an initial equality impact assessment (EIA) is completed for all services and policies presented for approval by the Trust. The EIA is a way of determining the extent to which policies, procedures, practices, and services impact upon individuals and groups in relation to one or more of the equality categories (gender, age, sexuality, religion or belief, disability, transgender and transsexual people).
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Workforce subgroup

The Trust’s Workforce Subgroup is responsible for monitoring the training and development of all employees and new inductees in both equality and diversity awareness and undertaking relevant impact assessments. We monitor the ethnicity of our entire workforce, from recruitment through to staff leaving our Trust, including training activity, formal grievances and disciplinary actions. The most recent information is available on our Public Sector Duty page.

Workforce group terms of reference

Independent Living Group

The Independent Living Subgroup monitors the environmental elements of hospitalisation, access to services and quality of care delivery for disabled and diverse groups. Membership of this group is made up of disabled people with an interest in the Trust’s work.

Independent Living Strategy

The strategy sets out a five-year plan that seeks to realise the Government’s aim of all disabled people (including older disabled people) being able to live autonomous lives, and having the same choice, freedom, dignity and control over their lives as non-disabled people. Click here for more information.

Independent Living Subgroup terms of reference