Our Patient Pledges

Our strategy and objectives for patient Diversity and Inclusion

The Trust is committed to being an inclusive and diverse organisation. As such we have created in consultation with our Local Interest Group , patient groups and our Disability and our Staff Networks

A key part of delivering on this ambition is the Trust ‘Inclusion and Diversity Pledges’ which will be monitored regularly by relevant Board Committees and through the public Trust board. Inclusion involves every director executive and non-executive and every member of staff. Below are our Patient Pledges.

 To get serious about the quality and equality of care we provide to people with learning disabilities

  • Being aware of missing serious illness.  Important medical symptoms can be ignored because they are seen as part of someone’s disability 
  • Being more suspicious that the patient may have a serious illness and take action quickly
  • Finding out the best way to communicate. Asking family, friends or support workers for help Remembering that some people use signs and symbols as well as speech 
  • Listening to parents and carers, especially when someone has difficulty communicating. They can tell which signs and behaviours indicate distress. 
  • Not making assumptions about a person’s quality of life. They are likely to be enjoying a fulfilling life
  • Being clear on the law about capacity to consent. When people lack capacity you are required to act in their best interests
  • Asking for help. Staff from the community learning disability and corporate Learning and Development teams can help
  • Remembering the Disability Discrimination Act. It requires us to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ so staff may have to do some things differently to achieve the same health outcomes.

Widening access to services for our transgender or transitioning patients

  • Identifying and improving two patient pathways for transitioned patients
  • Develop and relaunch transgender policy for patients
  • Develop a partnership with community to explore issues facing trans patients and their carers or families.

Widening offer for parents who are looking after their children in hospital

  • Expand on work of ‘John’s Campaign’ for parents
  • Offer food options and expand offer to parents who are looking after their child
  • Develop support for parents and overnight  / morning support
  • Develop a partnership with charity or third sector
  • Develop onsite wellbeing activities for children and parents.

Review friends and family comments and complaints / compliments to identify trends or issues

  • Explore issues raised by patients with protected characteristics
  • Review measures for improvements
  • Develop specific action plan to address key issues
    Develop action plan to address trends in complaints from Black patients
  • Work with local interest group to deliver on patient inclusion issues where relevant
  • Support Trust work on supporting mental health patients whilst in the hospital and training and developing staff to support mental health patients efficiently and effectively.

Enhance our offering to older people’s patient experience in our hospital

  • Launch ‘end PJ Paralysis’ campaign
  • Work with partners to offer support for stay in hospital e.g. Sandwell College on massage and therapies
  • Work with local interest group to focus on patient group issues that are under-represented.