Our Staff Pledges

Our strategy and objectives for Diversity and inclusion

The Trust is committed to being an inclusive and diverse organisation. The People Plan has a key focus on inclusion and diversity under ‘theme two’ and to delivering on a series of ambitious targets to increase the diversity of our workforce and knowledge and understanding of equality issues, by 2020.

A key part of delivering on this ambition is the Trust ‘Inclusion and Diversity Pledges’ which will be monitored regularly by relevant Board Committees and through the public Trust Board. Although there is a relevant executive director, inclusion involves every director executive and non-executive and every member of staff.

Increase recognition and knowledge of the value of inclusion within the leader and manager population

  • Develop training module, using an interactive story telling approach, through e-learning platform.
  • Deliver one Quality Improvement Half Days (QIHD) corporate learning module on Inclusion and diversity
  • Develop module of ‘SWBH Accredited Line Manager’ on inclusion and diversity
  • Design and deliver a managers development workshop on inclusive leadership, as part of the 2017/19 leadership development offer
  • Executive team and board development on inclusion to be delivered
  • Develop a photo exhibition/poster campaign to celebrate and acknowledge the diversity of staff and role model diverse leadership at different levels.

Review and redesign recruitment and selection processes

  • Inclusion and diversity to be included as a key aspect of all recruitment and selection training
  • Deliver unconscious bias training for recruiting managers
  • Run CV and interview skills workshops for staff groups with protected characteristics
  • Implement diverse recruitment panels (gender and ethnicity)
  • Work closely with external recruitment partners stating Trust values on inclusion and diversity
  • Monitor data of applicants through the Workforce Race Equality Standards (WRES)
  • Intensive training for Organisation Development team
  • Monitor protected characteristics data of Performance Development Review (PDR) completion and scoring.

Develop and support Staff Network Groups

  • Support newly established staff networks, including executive sponsorship
  • Support network chairs and vice chairs and others involved with time, efforts, events and communicating outcomes
  • Executive sponsor meet with network at least four times a year
  • Support each network in terms of personal development, mentorship
  • Support networks for campaigning, networking, education, advocacy or social purposes.

Creating a culture where it is safe to be ‘out’ at SWBH as a staff member or a patient

  • Raise awareness and support Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans (LGBT) network
  • Attend Birmingham Pride for recruitment and awareness raising
  • Join Stonewall and take part in regional conferences and workshops
  • Train staff in supporting LGBT patients sensitively and appropriately
  • Create a ‘Safe Space’ for LGBT colleagues
  • Work with Birmingham LGBT and other external partners to ensure best practice is being implemented
  • Work with Staff-side, to support LGBT staff at work
  • Celebrate LGBT History Month with events and support in February 2018
  • Implement ‘Allies’ programme for non LGBT staff communicated and visible
  • Increase sexual orientation declaration to at least 20 per cent in two years
  • Independent review and audit by Stonewall UK of Trust, ready to enter ‘Top 100’ in 2019

To ensure a safe and inclusive environment for transgender staff.

  • Support clinical groups with clear guidance on the implementation of the public sector Equality Duty, which includes gender reassignment as one of the protected characteristics
  • Work with members of our staff to develop a programme to raise awareness of the challenges transgender people may face
  • Develop and re-launch trans policy
  • Develop and launch supportive guidance for staff on welcoming trans patients
  • Celebrate national Trans Day of remembrance

Review the use of Equality and Diversity Standards two (EDS2) and develop and implement an ongoing plan

  • Senior support of EDS action plans in hot spot areas
  • Deliver two work programmes to improve patient access and experience and better health outcomes
  • Communication and engagement with EDS both internally and externally
  • Inclusion of revised EDS in annual equality report
  • Work with the Local Interest Group to change focus of EDS to Trust-wide
  • Expand membership of the Local Interest Group to be more diverse

To ensure a safe and inclusive working environment for Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Staff

  • Annual review of access to training for BME Staff
  • Develop clear action plan to respond to the 2017/18 WRES using best practice from the WRES report 
  • Analyse via group and take any appropriate remedial action
  • Support BME Staff network group to have a visible presence in organisation
  • Develop a personalised leadership programme in the Black Country by delivery the ‘Stepping Up’ BME Leadership Programme – Bands 5/6 and Bands 7
  • Monitor ‘First Line Leadership Attendance’ of BME Staff to ensure it does not drop below 30 per cent
  • Develop BME Panellists on interview panels across the Trust
  • Develop mentoring and coaching schemes targeted at BME staff
  • Direct contact with BME staff to advertise leadership programmes and management development
  • Direct contact with BME staff to advertise and encourage ‘Middle Manager’ Leadership Programme
  • Inclusive communications across organisation in branding, photographs, videos and other media
  • Deliver extra training for chaplains, in particular develop a female Imam.
  • Attend recruitment events with a focus on BME inclusive staff

To transform the opinion of our disabled employees about management’s commitment to disability in the workplace

Our promises

  • To be positive about disability in our Trust
  • To create environments that work for disabled staff
  • To actively promote staff with disabilities into senior roles
  • To make reasonable adjustments for employees who acquire a disability
  • To train and develop staff with a disability

The Trust will adopt the following principles:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Procedures: Employment of people with disability will form an integral part of all Equal Employment Opportunity policies and practices.
  • Staff Training and Disability Awareness: Specific steps will be taken to raise awareness of disability throughout the organisation.
  • The Working Environment: Specific steps will be taken to ensure that the working environment does not prevent people with disability from taking up positions for which they are suitably qualified.
  • Recruitment Commitment: Recruitment procedures will be reviewed and developed to encourage applications from, and the employment of, people with disability.

Run communications campaigns each month with emphasis on protected characteristics  based on Diversity Calendar and with visible support from employee network groups

These include:

  • February LGBT History Month
  • October Black History Month
  • Religious Celebrations
  • International Women’s Day
  • Mental Health Awareness